Cute puppy wants massage

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What Are Cute Puppy Tricks? | Dog Tricks


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Lure coursing Denmark 9th May 2013


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Using Dogs to Treat Emotional Disorders


Dogs are some of the most popular pets in the world. They are loved for their loyalty to their human owners. Pet dogs provide some much needed company to a lot of people. There are dogs that are used to provide company for people with special needs. Some dogs are trained to work as guides for blind people. These types of dogs provide more than just help with directions. They also provide emotional companionship for their owners. This is the reason why dogs are given to people having a hard time recovering from an illness.

There are also programs that provide dogs for veterans that have just returned from war. Some of the people that come back from war suffer from all sorts of illnesses and conditions; Most of them from post traumatic stress disorders. Dogs have been known to help in treatment of emotional disorders. They provide the patients with the avenue to express their pain. Taking care of the dogs also gives them something to do. It gives them a sense of purpose.

Somebody suffering from emotional instability may also be recommended to get a dog as a companion. These dogs accompany them everywhere. They also have special access even in restricted areas. For instance, if a store does not allow pets inside, a dog that is a registered emotional companion is an exception. They have special vests that they wear to identify them. Dogs have a natural ability to make friends with all kinds of people. They have very good instincts and that is why they are so loved. Somebody who is emotionally unstable can benefit a lot from the company of a good dog. Dogs that serve as emotional companions are specially trained for it. The training will usually vary depending on the person that needs it. Dogs also provide company for people who are antisocial or find it hard to make friends.

Cute Puppy finds his Mother in China!! GoPro


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Ultimate Dog Shaming 2: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny


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cute doggy

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Stop Your Dog from Harassing


It is common for guard dogs to find it hard to get used to some people who started frequenting your home recently. This can be dangerous because as you are thinking that the dogs are getting used to him, you find one day he’s been attacked viciously. Therefore it’s very important to ensure that the dog gets familiar with the person to avert such calamities in future.

However it is not easy to train a guard dog to get familiar with a character it’s already suspicious about. Guard dogs are very sensitive to such and therefore needs to be approached cleverly using some vital tips:

ü      Let the person identify the root course for the rivalry with the dog. It’s so likely there was something he did at one time or he continues doing that makes the dog suspicious and angry at him.

ü      Let the person change the jacket he normally comes dressed in or the time he normally comes; guard dogs carry the first impression. To divert the attention, it is important the individual deviates from the impression he created on day one, even on the color of clothes he was wearing.

ü      Trend about the kennel often with the person; the more the dog sees you with its ‘enemy’, the more it starts accepting him.

ü      Let the person feed the dog; a dog is so gullible when it comes to food. Target a time when the dog is really hungry and let the person in question feed the dog. However, do not open the kennel incase the dog is still not comfortable with the person.

If all these do not work, it is important to let the person cut the contacts with the dogs and visit only when the dogs are not aware about his presence. Let the person show up later after couple months; the dog might have forgotten about him then.

Cute Dog Cries (9.27.09 – Day 51)


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Keeping your Dog Active


If you own a dog, you need to ensure that its exercise routine remains consistent throughout the year. This is not always easy to achieve considering that during winter, dogs have to be kept indoors. When the exercise needs are not met, it is highly likely your pet will become aggressive, anxious or hyperactive. This is because just like humans, when kept indoors, dogs tend to become unsettled and they can even go stir crazy. In order to ensure you keep your dog active even when confined indoors, you should try the following.

Try Indoor Games

You need to start experimenting with indoor games and this might include the use of toys. These toys should be rotated in order to keep the dog interested. Tug is one of the most reliable indoor games and can be used to teach the dog self control. This is especially true if the appropriate rules are applied. Fetch is another great idea and in this case, you can use soft toys and the challenge can be increased by tossing toys up the stairs. When dogs chase after stuffed animals, it stimulates their adrenaline and gives them the feel of predatory chase.


By nature, dogs are known as scavengers and you should program them to search for their food. Teach your dog how to search for food by using inventive practices.  Rather than offering the dog a bowl of food, you can give it a food puzzle. Tossing pieces of treats across the room and telling your dog to fetch the same is also a smart idea. The more you indulge your pet to this game, the higher the chances it will get the required amount of exercise.

Indoor Agility Courses

You can also create some indoor agility courses. These are often underestimated and yet, they can deliver numerous benefits. In this case, you can create obstacles for the dog and train it on how to navigate the same. Chairs can be used as the perfect weave poles for the dog to navigate around. For every agility course the dog does well, give it a treat.