Cute Puppy finds his Mother in China!! GoPro


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Cute Puppy finds his Mother in China!! GoPro”

  1. jude m

    Hey, HEY! It’s steak, not sausages smh.

  2. Will Morgan

    Death Vader took a trip to China

  3. wpnwilo1

    White Samoyed

  4. localdog

    Sad thing is the chinese were probably raising it to make sausages out of
    later on…

  5. severussnake9

    Oh my god!!! That’s adorable

  6. Mick Happé

    Holy poop. That last shot I thought the puppy jumped of the cliff 😛

  7. Abyss ClikonCo

    headgreenhandsblue DOT bandcamp DOT com/track/organs

  8. JKs370Z

    awww how cutee

  9. jayjay leung

    i knew a racist would be here

  10. Scott Taylor

    Did u get a blood test? Awesome video

  11. foreverawsomefreak1

    Omgongong what kind of dogs are theeeeeyyy

  12. CauseImFlawless

    Love the actual video but seriously, the distorted sound in the background
    is the most annoying thing ever. What the heck?

  13. renzoqu

    WHO IS THE GUY??? jajajajajaja

  14. AlexSupertramp225

    Song is “Organs” by Heads Green Hands Blue

  15. Tyler Gervais

    what kind of dog is the big fluffy one??!

  16. fuckkungenshoror

    2 minutes later those were fucking food.

  17. Moose Neor

    The mum looks like chinese too :O

  18. Yang Storage

    Haha nice!

  19. Jamie Digital Art (Jamie Gray)

    They shouldn’t have used the audio at all, except maybe at the end. It was
    kind of distracting from the cuteness to have some guy’s voice change pitch
    to non-human sounds

  20. griff yo

    What breed of dog is that?

  21. NiBEtsui

    Made my day, thank you! (And probably made yours 100th subscriber right
    here! :D)

  22. Martijn Marinus

    thanks bud, you’re right

  23. rainborampage1

    the father is like a dingo

  24. gunterification

    0:54 that girl is in the promo vid of the gopro 2

  25. ebuff57