Cute Puppy vs Furby


Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Cute Puppy vs Furby”

  1. PyramidXSlender

    poor furby! it’s cruel. they are endangered spiecies, because they don’t
    actually breed, so it’s probably illegal too.

  2. Mariam Dodin
  3. Caden Blanton

    what is the song called when there figting

  4. Chica The Chicken ( Crazy )

    furby ! furby ! furby!

  5. Audrey Tag

    Furby K.O

  6. Isabella St.Godard

    what if MY dog does that! (He is a destructive machine!!!!)

  7. Ania .xx

    cute me vs susianas

  8. TheKristao7

    Poor Furby! 🙁

  9. Layra McGee

    Don’t you turn yo back on me!

  10. J Nadroj

    you should submit it to tobuscus for a cute win of epiccocity

  11. eggheadjunk


  12. TheFullmoonslight

    Men are always telling me my puppies are cute !!! lol !!

  13. Peter Martin

    furby alive furby KILL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

  14. sasukexnaruxsakura


  15. LaBs129

    mine is/was

  16. Zmblover

    FURBY!!! HOLY SHIT!! Kill it! Kill it! *runs out of the internet and slams
    the door*

  17. Josie Sy

    I have too

  18. Mooney

    @monsterism9 hahaha Scotty lol comedy !!

  19. Brett Field

    I guess it didnt quite go as “viral” as you expected lolol

  20. waleed khan

    i dont why im watching this but oh well

  21. Mooney

    @TheFullmoonslight bahaha thats amazing

  22. specialjoelle

    ahaha xp so cute

  23. sweetdrag0n

    Funny as heck

  24. Mooney

    @jonochi1 baha i had to do it

  25. sasha71299

    the puppy is cute