Dog Vines – Most Amazing 30 MINUTES of Dogs and Puppy Vines Compilation!


Online video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Dog Vines – Most Amazing 30 MINUTES of Dogs and Puppy Vines Compilation!”

  1. GamerTomboy

    9:16 is very cruel! He is forced to stand up or else he would choke himself
    and die. You guys are horrible, sadistic assholes!

  2. Aertraveller

    Hi, my name is Mok Myung Dae, I own a restaurant in Republic of Korea,
    Seoul. I’m interested in buying American / European dogs and importing them
    to here Korea for food production purposes. Please contact me if you are
    interested in selling your dog, we pay decent price based on the weight of
    your dog. Also stray dogs are accepted.


    Mok Myung Dae

  3. AgentZombieMan

    10:36 That dog is TERRIFYING

  4. Marcos Fernandez

    0:25 What kind of dog is it ? Thanks :)

  5. steph123

    Jeff the killer 10:36

  6. SimplyJanet

    Well, first of all some of this could be considered abuse. Also, why do
    people put those silly clothes on animals? I could never figure that out. I
    mean, how uncomfortable it must be for them. Finally, the ones that were
    actually made and not staged were much funnier. Sorry, one last thing,
    don’t make your fur baby have to wait for their treat, it’s very cruel.

  7. Hello Bye

    Can anyone tell me the name of this song at 28:54 ?
    *Dont reply darude sandstorm… otherwise…* 

  8. Ashley O

    I LOVE dogs! Except pit bulls-they are so violent, and every week they kill
    dozens of children, pet dogs, and other people! Ban pit bulls before they
    kill your pet dog or your child!

  9. Larry Jones

    stupid americans think this is funny.
    this generation is the worst!

  10. Exiled Gengar

    4:06 Okay, are people really this RETARDED to shake an animal and scream
    like an idiot when it gets PO’d? That’s animal abuse and people find it
    funny. It’s screwed up that no one even cares. This is a fine example where
    abuse is obviously accepted and labeled as comedy by teens on an app that
    has no real gain in life. Felt like it needed a rant. t-.-t)

  11. Bracci

    12:00 what kind of dog? so cute :D

  12. Kim van der Linden

    Ahhhww omygosh the second one! poor little thiiiiing. & 10:36 LMAO! 

  13. Pop Corn.

    really, some of those were just plane animal abuse.

  14. Zula Jigga

    0:45 What kind of dog? soo cute :33❤❤

  15. Danna Torres Salcedo

    0:27 XD OMG poor dog XD

  16. Jolene C.

    27:14 – 27:19 omfg!!!!

  17. melon tard

    dog vines > cat vines

  18. Ana Maria

    Can anyone tell me the name of the melodies from 6:30 and 4:45 ?

  19. T girl minecraft

    29:34 AWWWWW 😉 looks like a mix of Australian shepherd and a saint banard
    ( a Beethoven ) :]

  20. Pistilo Priss

    Que bonitos son los perros yo tengo una que se llama bachita es guera

  21. Andy W

    27:14 What is that song called?!! It has been haunting me that I cant find
    it for years.

  22. MrMinecraft101


  23. The Ghost Of Terrortown

    8:45 Actually, bears are not a type of canine, they are ursidae

  24. Sky HansenAmvGames

    since when was a bear, a fucking dog? 8:45

  25. Ben Whitelaw

    23:29 Anyone know what breed that is?