What Are Cute Puppy Tricks? | Dog Tricks


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  1. Andrea Arden

    Hi there- Yes, your pup will touch your hand with their nose from curiosity
    and/or because it smells like treats. However, after you have set a
    foundation in a calm environment, practice at a greater distance & around
    more distractions. The ultimate goal is reliability in all environments
    whether you have a treat or not. Terrific for come when called & for
    socialization (builds confidence approaching hands). Plus, can help deter
    jumping up as your dog greets by touching a hand to say hi!

  2. ACore423

    So…..you trained the dog to touch your hand? The hand the dog knows where
    treats come from.

  3. TrainingRipley

    my dog is 2 years old and at 1 year i could get her to go touch a chair and
    sit by it whilst i was stood on the other side of the room… hmm maybe i
    should do the howcast show for dog training.. look at my channel for
    instance.. its cool 🙂

  4. YayCupcakesLol


  5. smaxshahi